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Email Server Setup and Management Services

Email Server Install and
Domain DNS Configuration

  • Corporate domain registration assistance
  • Domain DNS configuration
  • DMARC record setup for top anti-spam score
  • SMTP and IMAP TLS encryption
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam filters
  • Web-based domain and user management
  • Unlimited number of domains, users, aliases
  • SSL certificates for domain and mail
  • Automated backups and monitoring tools
  • Remote secure install on your VPS
  • Yes, server also able to host HTTPS website!

  • No VPS? Separate setup service available

VPS + Email Server Setup Package

  • Dedicated KVM VPS based in Netherlands
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee, no resource caps
  • 2 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM
  • 2 TB HDD server storage
  • 30 TB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps connectivity
  • Easily scaled up for more storage, CPU and RAM
  • Full initial install using Debian or Ubuntu LTS
  • Advanced server security hardening
  • 10 free support tickets for VPS maintenance
  • Contact us for other hosting options!

  • Ongoing VPS management service available

VPS and Email Server
Management Monthly Fee

  • Continuous uptime and load monitoring
  • Resource usage analysis and optimization
  • 2-6 hour response time for routine requests
  • Regular software and security updates
  • Firewall and network routing maintenance
  • Weekly system log security auditing
  • Weekly off-site full snapshot backups
  • Daily user data backups up to 100 GB total
  • Ticket-based support system
  • 10 support/request tickets per month included
  • More info available upon request

  • Corporate VPN integration also offered

Detailed Description of Services:

Email Server Install and Domain DNS Configuration

  • Corporate domain registration with reputable registrar company (optional, domain price not included).
  • Domain DNS configuration with proper A, MX, PTR, SPF and DKIM records to beat spam filters.
  • DMARC record setup to protect your domain from unauthorized use and achieve top reputation scores.
  • SMTP and IMAP server configuration with TLS encryption to enable use of all desktop and mobile mail apps.
  • Spam and virus filtering and blocking using best-in-class open-source spamAssassin and ClamAV.
  • Webmail and web-based domain and user management with unlimited number of domains, users and aliases.
  • Nginx webserver with SSL certificates for your domain and mail traffic. Your VPS will be able to host website on your mail server.
  • Automated backups are enabled as daily cron jobs and data is saved on your VPS. Off-site backup is an additional service.
  • Remote server monitoring is enabled with customized Netdata and Monitorix configuration.
  • Mail server install is done on your own VPS (fresh Debian or Ubuntu install with full root access is required).
  • Some tips for VPS requirements: please note that full e-mail server stack needs at least 3 GB RAM to run smoothly. There is no need to splash out on NVME SSD storage as the primary Email server bottleneck is imposed by it's internet uplink speeds. A typical 1 Gbps connection offered by most datacentres translates in about 125 MBps that corresponds to normal i/o speed of modern HDD drives.

  • If you don't have your own VPS available, we can get it up for you as a separate service.

Server setup and configuration as mailserver 1 YEAR PREPAID

  • Dedicated KVM VPS is hosted by "The Infrastructure Group B.V." with IP address based in Netherlands, European Union.
  • Our hosting partner has an exceptional reputation for quality with official 99.8% uptime guarantee.
  • Includes 2 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM to ensure smooth operation of your e-mail server and antivirus.
  • Includes 2 TB HDD server storage - enough for up to 50 users with 15 GB mailbox size and daily backup.
  • 30 TB monthly traffic bandwidth is also included in the standard price.
  • Server has 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) network connectivity (125 MegaBytes per second).
  • Easily scaled up with additional storage space, CPU cores and RAM as needed.
  • Full initial install with current Debian or Ubuntu LTS version.
  • Advanced server hardening against cyberthreats and malfunction.
  • 10 free support tickets for VPS troubleshooting and maintenance included in the setup price.
  • You are provided with full root access credentials and server setup details for own in-house management.

  • We can also provide continuous VPS management support as a separate service.

VPS and Email Server Management Monthly Fee

  • Continuous uptime and resource use monitoring and issue resolution or escalation for your attention.
  • Ticket-based support system to handle your requests for required changes in server functionality.
  • Standard service entitles you to raise 10 support/request tickets per month for free.
  • Regular software and security updates to keep your server running efficiently and safely.
  • All system logs will be audited weekly to detect and resolve potential security issues and anomalies.
  • Weekly off-site server full snapshot backups are offered as an optional feature upon your request, up to the maximum of your VPS storage size in total.
  • Daily user data backups include user mail accounts and any non-user personal (home) folders.
  • Total size of daily user data backup is capped to 100 GB. If your VPS exceeds this limit, you will be offered to increase user data backup size at an additional monthly cost of 10 EUR per 100 GB.
  • Excess tickets will be charged at a standard rate of 10 EUR per ticket.

  • We also offer the additional security measure of implementing user access to your email server via your internal encrypted Virtual Private Network using WireGuard protocol. Please contact us for additional information about client software requirements and pricing.

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